Friday, 13 February 2015

D&D: Primal; Gods

The gods of this savage world are almost forgotten, only primitive idols and secret shrines can be found from times before the rise of the Giants. Those who venture deep enough in the jungles can find a place of worship for these 8 divines. It is unknown whether these gods hear the prayers but don't listen, or that they lie dead deep beneath the surface... Only a select few of the now free people have divine powers, and it cannot be known that they are truly blessed, or they have stolen their magic from the dying bodies of the gods...

Magic guns: Firearms modification in D&D

So, this might be a little ranty, but I feel like it. I warned you. I don't like guns in my fantasy. Not because I don't like any science in my fantasy, I just like science that makes sense. Guns in fantasy, they don't. If magic is readily available in a world since the dawn of time, people wouldn't experiment with non-magical, mundane stuff to create something equally useful, with way more time and energy invested. It just won't happen, unless there is a shortage of magic for prolonged periods of time... Anyway, on to the subject at hand.
As I mentioned above guns just don't make sense in fantasy worlds, but that doesn't have to mean that people can't play cool ass gunslinger characters!
Below you will find rules how to do guns and gun like weapons using nothing but fantasy elements! How frickin cool is that?

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

D&D Primal, and Update

So, first of all, I haven't been slacking and I am not dead. The amount entries decreased because most of the stuff I am doing, I want to put it out all at once, not in fragments, and also, I have been creating the campaign for my Elder Scrolls game for Matt (from Fistful of Dice, check out his webpage and youtube channel) and some other friends.
Anyways, moving on, working on the Elder Scrolls Conversion Project gives me plenty of ideas, as it is a wonderfully rich world, and to allow these ideas to escape my head, I started creating my own D&D setting, something I promised myself I would never do....

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Monday, 2 February 2015

The Elder Scrolls Conversion Project; Birthsigns

In the world of the Elder Scrolls, every character is born under one the 13 constellations, each giving a unique magical power or edge to the character. There is no equivalent to this in D&D, so these Birthsigns give an additional layer of power to the characters, which makes the PC-s stronger. If you do not wish to use these rules, simply leave them out.

The Elder Scrolls Conversion Project; New class: The Skirmisher

Another new class for the conversion project, but this one is completely compatible with other D&D games as well. There is no need for tweaking, you can just hand it out to players right away.
Note: This class has some features that "step on the toes" of other classes. The reason behind this, is that in the Conversion Project I do not use the Monk class at all, since the whole Ki energy doesn't fit the world, so I just created this archetype to fit the idea of the monk in the Elder Scrolls setting, that is a stealth based unarmed combatant.
I hope you enjoy the class