Wednesday, 11 February 2015

D&D Primal, and Update

So, first of all, I haven't been slacking and I am not dead. The amount entries decreased because most of the stuff I am doing, I want to put it out all at once, not in fragments, and also, I have been creating the campaign for my Elder Scrolls game for Matt (from Fistful of Dice, check out his webpage and youtube channel) and some other friends.
Anyways, moving on, working on the Elder Scrolls Conversion Project gives me plenty of ideas, as it is a wonderfully rich world, and to allow these ideas to escape my head, I started creating my own D&D setting, something I promised myself I would never do....

The reasoning behind that promise was, that I have far too many problems with the D&D system to put large amounts of work into it, if eventually I would be unhappy by the result. Now, the large amounts of work was already done with the conversion project, so I thought to myself, what the heck, it couldn't hurt.

Therefore, I shall start another Project, called D&D Primal. D&D Primal is (will be) a homebrew setting without the large amount of modifications found in the Conversion Project. Primal is fully compatible with most of the official D&D stuff, some changes in the cosmology, new items, monsters and spells will come, and a few new subclasses, but no new base class.

D&D Primal, is a savage world (oops) filled with prehistorical creatures, giant trees, dire animals (sounds like Canada, eh?) and primitive tribes. The original inhabitants and rulers of this realm, the Giants disappeared one day to the other. The now freed slave races inherited the lands, but it is a land of danger and death. Without own culture, technology, or even a language, can the ex slaves survive in this harsh enviroment? What happened with the Giants that made them disappear? Will the brutal enviroment crush the remaining tribes of slaves, or they will learn to adapt to this harsh world, and embrace its primal forces? You can answer these questions and many like them by playing D&D Primal!


  1. I would love to have your help converting Dragon Age to D&D 5e. And I'd like to see some more of the spell schools from Elder Scrolls. Mysticism especially.

  2. Mysticism is coming up soon! :)

    I am unfortunatelly really not familiar with Dragon Age, so I can't help you with that :(