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D&D: Primal; Gods

The gods of this savage world are almost forgotten, only primitive idols and secret shrines can be found from times before the rise of the Giants. Those who venture deep enough in the jungles can find a place of worship for these 8 divines. It is unknown whether these gods hear the prayers but don't listen, or that they lie dead deep beneath the surface... Only a select few of the now free people have divine powers, and it cannot be known that they are truly blessed, or they have stolen their magic from the dying bodies of the gods...

The gods:
It is unknown that in the past more divines existed, or there were more circles of divine power. It is entierly possible that the divines presented here are pretenders and fake gods, but as their stories are lost in the shadow of the past, no one can be sure...

The first circle:
Deities of the first circle are the most powerful of the current divines.

Allammu, the All Powerful:
Allammu is depicted in the shrines as a large male figure with four arms. In the ancient texts he is referred as the Liberator, but these tomes never mention who he liberated and what from. In the many different depicitions Allammu holds a number of different objects in his hands, sometimes a plant or a tree, sometimes seeds. His robe is also similarly varied, sometimes it is adorned with gemstones, and sometimes it has tree motives and animals on it.
His facial features vary as well, his face is often carved to resemble the race which worshipped him. The Dwarven Allammu is shorter and has a beard, the Elven one has long hair and pointy ears and so on, however in all versions Allammu is an older, wise man, leader of the gods.

Allammu is a Lawful Neutral God of Life and Nature, and the most powerful of the remaining Gods. He comes from the second generation of gods, and he is the father of all mortal beings (not the Giants, who come from the first generation Titans).
His many holy symbols always represent plants or animals. Birth and growing up are both important aspects of his sphere of inlfuence. He is the protector of life and he despises undeath, or any unnatural ways of enlongating one's life. His priests may never use healing magic to revive deceased creatures, or they fall out of his grace.
Allammu grants the domains Life and Nature. 

Tiskhu-Ri, Queen of Dissonance:
Tiskhu-Ri is the sister-wife of Allammu and the second most powerful remaining deity. She uniquely influences three Domains, meaning she is the most diverse divine, and second in power only to Allammu. She is depicted as a beautiful woman wearing full armor and weapons. Her weapons wary, elves think of her as a master archer, but according to dwarves she is wielding a greataxe.

Tiskhu-Ri is a Chaotic Evil goddess of Tempest, Trickery and War. She has the most domains under her control. She is the goddess of revenge, deception, betrayal, and natural catastrophies.
Her holy symbol depicts a pair of vengeful eyes. Her followers firmly believe in the statement "Might makes right" and that no tool is out of question if it gets the job done.
Tiskhu-Ri grants the domains: Tempest, Trickery and War

Thu-Sis, Lord of Death:
Thu-Sis is a mysterious figure, his/her origins are unknown. Thu-Sis is the god of Life, Death and reincarnation. A mysterious divine, depicted as a cloaked figure shrouded in darkness, or with the absence of any depicition at all. Thu-Sis' shrines are often empty, void of any ornament or holy symbols.

Thu-Sis is a Lawful Neutral god of the circle of life and death, and the last of the three chief gods. He/She controls reincarnation, and judges the worth of a mortal. Thu-Sis however is also the patron of necromancy and lichdom, as he/she values cunning and cleverness. If one is capable enough to escape the grand circle of life, they can become free, however creating undead creatures is not fully accepted. Animating corpses is completely within Thu-Sis' influence, but dragging souls to servitude is strictly forbidden.
Thu-Sis' holy symbol is a blank black circle, with nothing but void in it. 
Thu-Sis grants the domains: Life and Death

The second circle:
Deities of the second circle are divines with less power. These divines are often treated as siblings, as they are equal in terms of power.

Uhrmammu, the Cruelty of the Sun:
Uhrmammu is the cruel god of the sun. He is depicted as a half-naked golden figure with a halo of light wielding a cruel looking spear. Uhrmammu's eyes on the statues are often replaced with enchanted gemstones shedding  burning light at all times.

Uhrmammu is a Lawful evil god of the sun. He is said to be the son of Tikshu-Ri and Allammu His spheres are torture, and drought.
His holy symbol is the Sun with spears instead of rays, and a pair of burning eyes. Uhrmammu is one of the few gods to take living sacrifices. The method of the sacrifice however must be specific. The sacrifical creature must be chained and left out in the sun until its corpse is completly dessicated.
Uhrmammu grants the domains: Tempest and Light

Igli-Ri, the Eternal Bliss:
Igli-Ri is one of the most positive of the remaining gods, as she is nothing but a joyful trickster. She is a female god, and often called the sister of Uhrmammu and Zamma-mu-ri, but the fact is, her remaining shrines are never in close proximity of the other gods. It is possible that is the last remnant of an even older pantheon. She is depicted as a young, adolescent girl dressed in a boy's clothes, playing jokes and fun on others. She is never beautiful, her looks are often considered unconvential, just as her shrines and temples. They were not quiet places of worship rather places of street urchins and plays.

Igli-Ri is a Chaotic good goddess of theatrical plays, children and pranks. She is the least serious of the remaining gods, and she is the patron of jokes, theater, mischief and luck.
Her holy symbol is a theatrical mask with a smiling face. Little is known about her, as most of the temples and shrines seem to be ruined, either by age or an inquisition.
Igli-Ri uniquely only grants a single domain: Trickery

Zamma-Mu-Ri, Sun's Honor:
Zamma-Mu-Ri is the hermaphrodite warrior god of the Sun, twin to Uhrmammu. Zamma-Mu-Ri is depicted as half man, half woman, being the perfect representation of both, at once. His male half is clad in bright clothes in most depictions with a halo similar to Uhrmammu's, while her female half is clad in armor, and wields an axe.

Zamma-Mu-Ri is a Lawful neutral god of sun, law, sieges, war and honor. His male half represents the law and sun, while her female half represents war and combat, but Zamma-Mu-Ri is primarily known for his and her Honor. Zamma-Mu-Ri is said to be the child of Allammu, born without a mother, from Allammu's seed alone. His male half is referred to as Zamma-Mu, while her female half is referred to as Zamma-Ri.
Zamma-Mu-Ri's holy symbol is two halves of the sun, one from gold, one from iron, fitting together.
Zamma-Mu-Ri grants the domains: War and Light

The third circle:
The third circle is the weakest level of the remaining divines.

Rahman-Ri, Life's rain:
Rahman-Ri is depicted as an attractive, young, pregnant female weaing rugged, torn clothes, and wielding lightning. In her wake flowers bloom, and creatures are born.

Rahman-Ri is a Chaotic neutral goddess of storms, sexuality, conception and life. She is said to be the daughter of Tikshu-Ri and Allammu, and the daughter-wife of the latter. Rahman-Ri is the closest to a god of love in the world with this few gods, and sexual rites are commonly committed during storms.
Her holy symbol is a lightning striking the ground, creating a rupture in the earth.
Rahman-Ri grants the domains: Tempest and Life

Nazi-Ri, Mind's Storm:
Nazi-Ri is depicted as a blind, cloaked young girl, with folds over her eyes, but with a palm raised high. In her palm there is a third, all seeing eye. Her temples were libraries and places of knowledge.

Nazi-Ri is the Lawful neutral goddess of magic, wizardry, storms and knowledge. As Igli-Ri, she was also probably a member of a different pantheon, or worshipped by a different cult. She favors magic users over all mortals, and she is rumoured to lost her sight for possessing forbidden knowledge. Many of her followers blind themselves as well, in hopes of gaining supernatural insight, however only the most devout will receive Nazi-Ri's blessing.
Her holy symbol is a palm with an open eye on it.
Nazi-Ri grants the domains: Tempest and Knowledge


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