Tuesday, 30 December 2014

D&D 5th Edition Barbarian Path, Path of the Flask

The Path of the Flask

To benefit from the powers of Rage, one does not have to hail from the uncivilized lands, or from the frontiers. That beast lives in all of us, and while some use their totemic heritage to call it out, that is only one of the methods. Many has discovered the Path of the Flask, simply by drinking a lot of alchoholic drinks, and they felt that their fighting prowess grew greatly under the influence of such beverages.

D&D 5th Edition Sorcerer Bloodlines, Infernal Bloodline

Infernal/Abyssal Bloodline

While members of the Celestial Bloodline have their powers originate from angelic influence in their family history, the Infernal/Abyssal Bloodlines can boast with fiendish heritage. These sorcerers have their power come from corruption and evil, whether this comes from one of the Nine Hells, or the Countless Layers of Abyss, it doesn't matter, they are shunned and feared throughout the world.

Monday, 29 December 2014

5th Edition Artifact, Crown of Horns :Homebrew:

The Crown of Horns
Legendary artifact (requires attunement)

The Crown of Horns is a legendary artifact that hosts the old God of Death, Myrkul. This powerful magical item is sought for by many necromancers, and would-be liches. It is a silver circlet adorned with black diamonds and four horns made from bone sprout forward from it. The dark and malicient energies are visibly materialized around the crown.
Any non-evil creature touching the Crown must make a DC 17 Charisma saving throw. On a failed save the creature's alignment changes to neutral evil.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

D&D 5th Edition Ranger Archetype, The Slayer

The Slayer

Some rangers are excellent warriors, protecting civilization against the countless dangers of the wild, while others take on a beast and raise it by their side. Some rangers are like you, however. Prime hunters who specialize slaying the largest of beasts, stalking and striking from the shadows. To them, this hunt is everything.

Saturday, 27 December 2014

D&D 5th Edition Sorcerous Origin, Bloodmage

Sorcerous Origin - Bloodmage

Some sorcerers gain their power through their heritage, descendants of powerful beings with powers mere mortals cannot understand... Other sorcerers have their power through the unexplainable ways of the universe, but You have your powers through your own blood. Your blood carries a rare magical power you have learnt to unlock.

Thursday, 25 December 2014

D&D 5th Edition Barbarian Path, Path of the Abolisher

Path of the Abolisher

Some barbarians walk the path of frenzy and rage to the fullest, while some others follow tribal totems, but You are different. You follow your hatred of magic. You might be driven by revenge to slay a magic user, or you follow the old traditions and believe that all magic is evil and corrupting... Your will is like iron, and your muscles are steel. Your sheer mental strength is enough to shrug of most spells.

D&D 5th Edition Sorcerer Bloodlines, Celestial Bloodline

Celestial Bloodline

There are many bloodlines of sorcerers, one of the most obscure of these bloodlines is the Celestial. These sorcerers are descendants of people who were touched by angels, and other divine servants, or in rare case, descendants of great heroes who have ascended to divinity. Their magical power, therefore has divine origins.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Tips on Magic items, Relics and Artifacts

Magic items are pretty much a trademark of fantasy, be it a novel, a film or a roleplaying game. Almost all fantasy worlds have magic items in them, some have less and some have more, but they share one very important aspect: they are magical. And that doesn't mean that they have powers, it means they grab our imagination. A good magic item, is indeed magical, it not only feels magical for our characters, but for us, players too.

D&D 5th Edition Goblinoid Player Races :REVISED:

Everybody knows them, everybody loves them! Your favorite goblinoids as player races, only here! Use them as a player, or create NPC-s for your games as you wish.

D&D 5th Edition Half-orc subraces

Give Half-orcs the respect they deserve!

In all previous editions, and in 5th as well, orcs were treated as the bastard children of the game. In 3.5 orcs had negative stat modifiers, and thankfully that has disappeared, they are still not equal to more beautiful races in options. There are many subraces of orc, as well as elves, but their descendants don't get this type of luxury... Well, I am going to change that!

With this homebrew supplement, you will find that half-orcs have the same number of options than those weak fancy pants elves!

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

5th Edition Dungeons&Dragons COMPLETE review

Now that all three core rulebooks are out, it's time to take a full on review on the phenomenon that shook up the RPG community as a whole, Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition...

D&D 5th Edition Bard College, College of Demise

Bard College

College of Demise

Bards of the College of Demise are peope who were struck down by grief, and they become obsessed with death. Channeling their sorrow they play music that chills the bones and causes pain in the soul.

Monday, 22 December 2014

D&D 5th Edition Druid Circle, Circle of Blight

Druid circle

Circle of Blight

The Circle of Blight is made up from renegade, outcast druids, who lost their ways and became perverted. They do not wish to preserve Nature, or Balance, they only care about destruction and pestilence. Any druid who angers their Gods, and does not seek attunement, usually ends up becoming a blight druid. Druids, who lost something of great personal value during or after their initiation, sometimes blame Nature for it, and in their sorrow become blight druids, to take revenge...


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D&D 5th Edition Warlock Pact, The Wight

The Wight
Your patron is a powerful undead spirit, a demi-lich or something similar, who achieved a greater form of unlife and knows things from beyond the veil of death. This creature is a cruel master, and its motives usually revolve around millenia old plots it set in motion ages ago. Such plans are beyond mortal understanding.

About skills...

Today, I was wondering about skills in roleplaying games, and the way they are done. What are they representing, and what behaviours can a designer encourage by choosing the right mechanic to go with skills, because there is more to a skill than “roll a d20″…
Starting off, we should define what IS a skill in a roleplaying game. Skills, by and large, are the abilties of the characters that define what can they do. Some games, actually, most of the games, use skills along with an attribute system, and in these games the skills represent the know how the character has learnt over the years, opposed to the attirbutes, which represent the inherited affinity.