Thursday, 8 January 2015

The Elder Scrolls Conversion Project; Races of Men

There are over a dozen races of Men in the world of Tamriel, but so far only four of them were playable in the games, and keeping the tradition, these four are the races I am going to convert. These races are the proud and hardy people of Skyrim, the Nords, the cunning and magical people of High Rock, the Breton, the imperialistic and charismatic people of Cyrodiil, the Imperials, and lastly from a different ancestry, the fierce and willful people of Hammerfell, the Redguards.

The Nords:

The Nords live in the cold and unforgiving land of Skyrim, the first place where men set foot on the continent of Tamriel, coming from ancient and frozen Atmora. In the history of the Empire and Tamriel Nords often played a crucial part, even the first Emperor of the Septim dynasty who rose to divininty and became Talos the God of War, was a Nord.
Nords are strong and hardy people, because the cold lands of the north only allow the strongest to survive. They have a bright complexion and fair hair is very common amongst them. Their tall and muscular form gives them an edge in combat.

Nord Traits

Ability score increase: Your Endurance* increases by 2 and your Strength increases by 1
Age: Nords, like most men are particularly long lived, and they mature at a normal rate, and almost never live longer than a century.
Alignment: Nords are honourbound people, and they have a strong sense of justice. Nords are often Lawful.
Size: Nords are larger and more muscular than other men, often over 6 feet. Your size is Medium.
Speed: Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Blood of the North: Your nordic blood gives you resistance against cold damage, and you take exhaustion from being in a cold enviroment every second hour (instead of every hour)
Battlecry: You can call upon the warrior in your blood, releasing a terrifying battlecry that will cause terror in your enemies. As a bonus action, you can shout loudly, and every enemy around you who can hear you must make a Wisdom saving throw. On a failed save they become frightened for 1 minute. The DC on this ability equals 8 + your proficiency bonus + Personality modifier. You regain the use of this ability after finishing a long rest.
Nord weapon and armor training: You are proficient with the following weapons: Handaxe, Battleaxe, Greataxe and Greatsword plus Light and Medium armor.
Languages: You can speak, read and write Nordic and Imperial

The Bretons:

The Bretons are the people of the politically fractured lands of High Rock, and can boast with elvish ancestry. They have a smaller, more fragile builds than the warrior Nords or the fierce Redguards, and have delicate, light lineaments. Upon closer inspection one can notice their slightly pointed ears, steep eyebrows that is a sure sign of their bloodline. Bretons often pursue mystical arts.
Bretons have an innate magical resistance, and they are adept at manipulating people with their guiles. They have bright complexion, and often have lightbrown hair. Sometimes their eyes can have elven eye colors.

Breton Traits

Ability score increase: Your Intelligence increases by 1, your Personality by 1 and your Willpower increases by 2.
Age: Due to their elvish ancestry Bretons live slightly longer than other races of men, but almost never over 120 years. They mature at the same rate as other humans.
Alignment: Bretons are cunning, crafty people and in their homeland political backstabbing is an everyday event. To strife and feud is in their nature, and because of these they are inclined towards Chaos
Size: Bretons have a slighter and shorter build than most other men, and they are rarely taller than 5 feet. Your size is Medium.
Speed: Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Magic resistance: Your innate magical resistance gives you advantage on all saving throws against magic.
Natural debater: You have a gift when it comes to reading emotions. You gain proficiency in the Insight skill.
Languages: You can speak, read and write Breton and Imperial

The Imperials:

Cyrodiil, the heart of the Empire gives home to the charismatic Imperial people. While adept warriors, they are equally skilled in the art of negotiation as well with the sword. Imperials can be found every in province of Tamriel, and their ambition usually drives them to the top in whatever goal they pursue.
Imperials while not quite as strong than the more stonger races, their famed light infantry gives the bulk of the Imperial Legion, and they have nothing to complain about martial prowess. Their voice carries a strange power, and they are able to talk themselves out from most situation. They have a slightly creol complexion and dark hair is common.

Imperial Traits

Ability score increase: Your Personality increases by 2 and your Willpower by 1.
Age: Imperials age and mature normally, rarely living over a century.
Alignment: Imperials have strong inclination towards law and order, and they are most commonly Lawful
Size: Imperials have average builds, and their height is between 5 and 6 feet. Your size is medium
Speed: Your base walking speed is 35 feet.
Voice of the Emperor: You have a natural talent convincing people, you roll all your Charisma (Persuasion) rolls with an advantage.
Born mediator: Whenever you are trying to achieve something mutually beneficient for both parties involved, you are considered proficient in all social skills (Persuasion, Insight, Intimidate and Deception) and you double your proficiency bonus.
Imperial weapon training: You gain proficiency with the shortsword, shortbow, javelin and dagger.
Languages: You can speak, read and write Imperial and a language of your choice.

The Redguards:

The Redguards hail from the western continent of Yokuda, unlike the rest of men, who are descendants of ancient Atmorans. They are fierce fighters and the best warriors of all men. Their strength and stamina is almost legendary, but because of their free spirit, redguards are not exactly suited as soldiers, and they are more likely to become scouts and skirmishers. Their homeland is the desert country of Hammerfell.
Their complexion is dark, and they have black wirey hair, often worn in braids, ornamented with jewellery.
Redguards despise all magic especially necromancy, and almost never study mystical arts.

Redguard Traits

Ability score increase: Your Strength increases by 1, your Agility increases by 1 and your Endurance increases by 2.

Age: Redguards age as the rest of the men, rarely living over a century
Alignment: Redguards are free spirited people, valuing freedom over anything. They have strong inclinations towards Chaos.
Size: Redguards are strong and tall, often over 6 feet. Your size is Medium.
Speed: Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Poison and disease resistance: Your Yokudan blood gives you resistance against all non-magical diseases and poisons. You have advantage on saving throws against poison and diseases, and you are resistant to poison damage.
Ra Gada toughness: Your hitpoint maximum increases by 1, and it increases by 1 everytime you gain a level.
Desert people: You are from the Alik'r desert and you can endure hot climates longer. You take exhaustion from being in a hot enviroment every second hour (instead of every hour).
Redguard weapon training: You are proficient with scimitar, shortsword, javelin and net.
Languages: You can speak, read and write Yokudan and Imperial. 


  1. Hey, great work! Glad I stumbled onto this from the RPGBA. A friend of mine were talking about making a FATE-ish game based on the Elder Scrolls the other day, but it would be hard to beat 5e. I'm looking forward to future entries.

    1. Hey, I'm glad you like them :) Keep an eye out, I will post more stuff this week.

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