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D&D 5th Edition Ranger Archetype, The Slayer

The Slayer

Some rangers are excellent warriors, protecting civilization against the countless dangers of the wild, while others take on a beast and raise it by their side. Some rangers are like you, however. Prime hunters who specialize slaying the largest of beasts, stalking and striking from the shadows. To them, this hunt is everything.

Beginning at 3rd level you learn the art of not being seen. You gain proficiency in the stealth skill, and apply double your proficiency bonus. In addition you are not slowed why moving during stealth.

Marking the Prey
Beginning at 7th level, you become the master of taking down specific, mighty targets. As an action you can mark a target you can see within 90 feet. You can only use this feature against creatures with challenge rating equal or higher to your level. Until the creature dies, or you select another mark, you deal an extra d8 damage against it with every weapon attack. You regain the use of this feature after short rests

Starting at 11th level, your mind starts overflowing with primal instincts, urging you to slay newer, and newer targets. Whenever a creature marked by Marking the Prey dies by your or your allies hands, as a bonus action you can select a new target for the ability. If you cannot find a new target, you lose the use of this ability until you finish a short rest.

True Slayer
Starting at 15th level, you become a superior slayer, and you are able to destroy most of your targets with ease. You ignore resistances of your marked prey, and as a bonus action you can make an additional attack against marked targets.

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