Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Elder Scrolls Conversion Project; Classes II.

So, in my previous post about classes (you can read it here) I said I won't change too much stuff from D&D 5th edition, and stuff will stay largely like it is in the PHB. Well, I have changed my mind. Most of the classes will be reworked, to fit more in the world of Tamriel, and also to evoke the feeling of the games more. Some classes will stay the same, for the most part where only cosmetic changes are needed (fighter, rogue), but there will be some brand new classes and class options as well. So here is the overview for the reworked classes, and how they will work:

The plan is, to have the option to play characters represnting all kind of different focus. You would be able to play sneaky, magic-y and fight-y characters in any kind of mix without multiclassing. If you want to be a mage with some fighting prowess and abilites, you can do that, etc.

Full casters: Full caster will be the Mage class (converted from Wizard) with 6 specialization to reflect the 6 spellschools. This class will be mostly the same as the Wizard, except the changes for the spell system. (which is kinda everything the Wizard does). Still versatile, has access to all spells, plus nice school based powers.

2/3 casters: This is something new, my brainchild. It is mostly like the bard, with limited spell selection, (4 out of 6 schools) but still progresses to 9th level normally. The class I made here was the Spellblade a martial focused class with full spell progression. Instead of Sorcerer, you have this. Imagine it like a reverse eldritch knight.

1/2 casters: This is the good old ranger and paladin progression, starting at 2nd level, progressing to 5th level spells. They also have a limited spell selection (3 out of 6 schools). I will probably create a martial and thief based classes here as well, with considerable focus on magic.

1/3 casters: Now this is the Eldritch Knight and Arcane trickster style game. Mundane classes with some progression into magic, but nothing major. Severly limited spell selections (2 out of 6 schools) and only 4th level spells by 20th level.

Now, there will be the same kind of deal with the martial and sneaky guys. The way I have it in my head, is to have 1 main class for each main type.
The martial class is Fighter, the magic class is Mage, the sneaky class is Rogue.
Both Fighter and Rogue will have 2 archetypes to correspond with the other two. The Eldritch knight and the Arcane tricker is the idea for these.
Now the tricky part for this is the Mage. Instead of an archetype I have created the 3/4 casters.

And now the rest.
Bard, will be instead the mostly-mage-but-a-bit-roguey characters, reworking it someway. I am unsure about Bardic Inspiration.
Barbarian, is I feel a somewhat redudant class. I will not be paying too much attention to it, but since the class has nothing to do with magic, players can play it without any serious modification.
Cleric is still not something I wish to cover. The Crusader, Mage and the Healer (a bard archetype) will all have access to restoration magic, which fills the niche of clerical abilities.
Druid. Same with cleric. No need for nature based powers and wild shape in Elder Scrolls. Get bitten by a werewolf.
Fighter. Changes to the Eldritch Knight subclass concerning magic. Otherwise unchanged
Monk. So far nothing. Plans for making it a Way of the Voice initiate.
Paladin. The class is reworked/trashed. There will be a magic/martial focused half caster with access to restoration magic, but not divine.
Ranger. Another dilemma. Probably will keep it. If yes, spells and magic are effected and the nature theme will largely disappear from the magic part.
Sorcerer. No. Some of the class will be absorbed into Mage (spontananous casting) but otherwise not available.
Warlock. The odd one out. I already started to convert this into Daedric Cultist, operating with Greater and Lesser Powers, blessings, but it will be tough. 17 Daedric Princes mean 17 subclasses.
Wizard. Reworked into the Mage class, as the most versatile and magically powerful caster. 6 subclasses, and potentionally some additionall stuff, not sure yet.

New classes and subclasses.
Spellblade: Martial Magic class with 9th level progression. 2/3 caster.
Yet unnamed class: Martial class with 5th level progression. 1/2 caster. Much like the paladin.
Yet unnamed class: Sneaky class with 5th level progression. 1/2 caster. Possibly ranger like, or maybe ranger rework
Many subclasses.

If you are interested WHY I am doing this, the answer is simple. In some ways, the Elder Scrolls setting is way more high magic than D&D, at least in the occurance of magic and magic items. The only people with absolutely no skill in magic, are the people who do not want to learn magic, and even they recognize the usefulness of enchanted weapons and gear.
Another reason, is that I want players to be able to explore any type of character, without restrictions.

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