Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Elder Scrolls Conversion Project; Classes

This is a post I will keep updating, and as soon as the classes will be done, I will link them to their place. 

Classes were never as big in the Elder Scrolls games as they are in D&D, but I will not change the whole system for this conversion, and only modify and take out the classes that cannot fit in the world at all. In this post I will list them, and I will put a short summary next to them, but the modifed classes will have their own separate post.

Barbarian: No change at all. Players will be able to take the barbarian class (and it's subclasses) normally.

Bard: Only change to the spells, detailed in the post about magic and spells HERE.

Cleric: The Cleric class is unavailable. Players will not bet able to play clerics.

Druid: The Druid class is unavailable. Players will not be able to play druids at all.

Fighter: The class is largely unchanged, the Eldritch Knight archetype will be renamed to Battlemage, and the changes to the spells apply there too.

Monk: The class is completely changed. It will allow players to play as an initiate to the Way of the Voice.

Paladin: The class is unavailable. Players will not be able to play Paladins.

Ranger: The class is unchanged save the changes about spells and magic.

Rogue: The class is largely unchanged, the Arcane Trickster archetype will be renamed to Spellblade, and the arche type is modified a bit. The changes to spells and magic apply here too.

Sorcerer: The class is unavailable. Players will not be able to play sorcerers. Certain features are transported to the reworked Wizard class.

Warlock: the class is renamed to Daedric Cultist. There will be 17 pacts for Daedric princes instead of the base 3 pacts, which are removed. The list of invocations change as well. The changes to the spell list apply here too.

Wizard: The class is renamed to Mage, and is changed. No spellbooks and preparing spells, and other changes too.


  1. I'd argue that the Vigilants of Stendarr and certain priests, coughcoughERANDURcoughcough justifies the Cleric class.

  2. These happened in few instances, and with the vigilants, and temple healers in oblivion, I have never got the impression of divine source of magic. Furthermore, in Morrowing where you could actually be a member in the Imperial cult, you didn't get divine powers.
    In those rare instances, where divines directly intervene, I think it would be more flavorful and special to solve it in other ways. A divine boon, sort of, bestowed directly by the 9 to the player, like in the case of Pelinal Whitestrake.

    My reasoning behind removing the cleric class is that I wanted these things to be exiciting and rare. Erandur might be blessed by Mara, but who else is? If I make cleric an available class everyone can be Erandur and it won't be special.

    1. You could make the cleric a subclass for other main classes, since the average joe Imperial soldier is probably only level one or two fighter, three maximum.

  3. Do bards still use charisma as their modifier and or DC