Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Elder Scrolls Legion ranks

So, one of my players for the Elder Scrolls Conversion Project wants to play an Imperial Battlemage, and as such a member of the Imperial Legion. Now, I wanted to find a rank suitable for his character, but I wasn't really satisfied with the ranking system in Skyrim, being only 5 ranks in the legion, and the Morrowind ranks are just silly, I created my own, lore-friendly ranks. You can find them below.

Enlisted soldiers:

Auxiliary: The lowest rank in the Imperial Legion, and such the bulk of the soldiers.
Quaestor: The rank of accomplished soldiers equivalent of the modern day sergeant. Questors lead small groups (up to 10) of Auxiliary soldiers as strike forces.
Questor Maximus: The Quaestors who do exceptionally well eventually reach the rank of Questor Maximus, the highest attainable rank among enlisted soldiers. Seasoned warriors and veterans earn this title, and they usually serve as advisors next to younger officers, as well as leading troops.


Praefect: The lowest rank of officer in the Imperial army. These soldiers earn their ranks with training in the Imperial Legion, and usually serve next to more experienced officers (such as a Tribune) as a second in command.
Tribune: The Tribune, or in some cases Captain, commands 5 Quastors or Questor Maximuses, and their soldiers, counting usually around 50 warriors.
Centurion: The Centurion commands around 100 to 200 soldiers, depending on their experience and the state of war.
Legate: The Legate is a rank responsible commanding armies. Several Legates may be part of a Legion, depending on the size of the Legion. Legates are the actual commanders during the war, giving orders, and they are overseen by the General.
General: The General is the highest attainable rank in the Imperial Legion, each General commands a whole Legion, and they directly respond to the Emperor.

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